Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Importance of Building Rapport in Real Estate Business

The real estate professionals emphasize on building rapport in order to increase the chances of closing of deals. However, it is pretty easy said than done. Building the rapport requires winning trust at numerous times. It’s like a friendship which gets found after being tested several times.

So, the rapport building is important for not just the real estate business but all of the businesses in the world. Making offers in case of HUD homes may be an exception here because this business doesn’t involve dealing with a person face-to-face. You submit an offer and that would be reviewed by a manager.

Imagine doctor’s dealing with a patient. The more patient interacts with the doctor, the lesser likely there would be a chance of patient turning to the legal procedure against the doctor regardless of the outcome.

However, it is to be remembered that being proactive with friendliness doesn’t involve false flattery, because false flattery is not an honest way and it doesn’t do any good to the parties involved in the business and the business itself.


Besides developing good relation with the business partner, you should be working on developing a good team that wouldn’t only interact well with the business partner but should also have cooperation among its team members. Of course there are scenarios when you would want your team members to compete with each other, but they should always intend to work with each other by forming an effective team in general. Here, it is your job to distinguish between the times that require team members to be cooperative and the times when they need to compete.

Rapport for real estate investors

There are some valid reasons for the business deals to initiated and discussed on the golf courses. People like to know each other before starting business partnerships outside the stressful environments. It helps them to understand about the habits of each other.

When it comes to real estate, it is to be remembered that the deals related to this industry can go bad if business people start doing things in haste. So the real link to making the deal successful is to make the grounds for everything and then proceed with a reasonably adequate pace, which wouldn’t be faster. For instance, if you are looking at a house and you have initial information about it that the owner may be willing to sell it, go ahead and start conversation with the owner. Don’t discuss property but start a friendly conversation.

While you approach the part of conversation about property, you wouldn’t want to praise the property too much because it may affect your deal. However, you shouldn’t also want to be a critic because it may offend the seller.

In other words, a little diplomatic approach while talking about the property would help you to keep the deal unaffected.